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Vacancy(Site Engineerr)

    Site Engineer

    MEPO Contracting & Management Services PLC
    Deadline: February 16, 2023
    Job Description
    MEPO Contracting & Management Services PLC is a member Company of MIDROC INVESTMENT GROUP and established in December 2008 by the renowned investor Sheik Mohammed H. Ali Al-Amoudi. The Company has been engaged in the supply of construction materials, rental of construction equipment & construction of buildings.
    We invite qualified applicants for the following vacant position:
    Duration: 5 working days
    Required: 1(One)
    Job Requirements
    Educational Background
    BS.C Degree in Civil & COTM
    Work Experience
    4 years & above
    How to Apply
    Submit your nonreturnable CV along with your copies of relevant documents & application letter in person to Mepo Contracting & Management Service’s Head Office, located in Lideta Sub-City, Wereda 08, Around Abo Church, on Ethio Agri-Sefi Building, 2nd floor, to Human Resource & General Services Office

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