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Vacancy(Senior Architect)

    Senior Architect
    Shints ETP Garment


    Job Description
    Our company Shints ETP Garment needs to hire Senior Architect who fulfill the following criteria;
    Making bids on potential building projects
    Working with clients to determine requirements for building projects
    Developing initial estimates on structure costs, building time and special requirements
    Preparing detailed drawings showing both the appearance and interior structure of a building project
    Directing staff in the development of project drawings, studies and budgets
    Preparing work contracts for building subcontractors
    Visiting building worksites to ensure work is being done according to architectural plans
    No Required: 3
    Job Requirements
    BA Degree in BSc/BA in Architect engineering and, building science or relevant field
    Has experience 5 years and above by T Architect
    How to Apply
    Submit your CV & other important documents via email: or in person to Shints ETP Garment PLC Head Office, located around Bole Sub City, Goro Sefera, Woreda 11, Bole Lemi Industry Park, Block Number 14, SHINTS 2 For further information contact Tel. +251118677865

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