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Vacancy(Office Engineer)

    Office Engineer

    Job Description
    Office Engineer Managing the flow of documents between internal and external partners, preparing project reports for the office, and helping to coordinate your office’s participation in engineering and construction projects. Qualifications for this job include a mix of career experience and skills.
    Employment Type:  Contract, for Project period
    Location:  Project site, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Reports to:  Project Manager/Construction Engineer
    Job Requirements
    Minimum Requirement: 
    BSc Degree or higher in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management.
    6 years experience in Building Construction, Structures
    (Concrete   and   steel), Maintenance of existing buildings of Historical value.
    4 Years as an office engineer in similar Projects.
    Proficiency in Contract administration and management.
    Proficiency in Project Planning and Monitoring
    How to Apply
    Submit your Applicants should attach their CV and all Testimonies via email:
    Deadline 24th of May 2023

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