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Vacancy(Mirab Constraction)

    Mirab Constraction

    our campany mirab constraction is grade 1 contractor and would like to invite candidates for the following vacant posts.

    Position:- Light vehicle and dump truck drivers and oprators
    Work experience:- 3 year and above work experience
    required no.:- 1
    Qualification:- 3rd drivind liecense or other special driving liecense
    Place of work:- Head office and project

    Position:- Construction engineer
    Work experience:- 10 year of experience in construction out of this 8 years and above
    required no.:- 2
    Qualification:- BSc. degree in civil engineer
    Place of work:- A.A and out of Addis Ababa projects

    Position:- Cashier
    Work experience:- 2 year and above work experience in construction sector
    required no.:- 4
    Qualification:- BA degree in accounting or other related fields
    Place of work:- head office project

    Position:- Office engineer
    Work experience:- 5 years and above work out of this 3 years in specific work experience in building construction
    required no.:- 1
    Qualification:- BSC degree in civil engineering or COTM with similar work experience
    Place of work:- A.A projects

    Position:- Structural Forman
    Work experience:- 6 years and above work experience
    required no.:- 1
    Qualification:- Collage diploma or certificate in construction sector
    Place of work:- Projects

    Deadline: March 2, 2023
    How To Apply: Submit your copies of testimonials with originals including an updated CV and work experience in person at Mirab Construction, located at 22 Mazoria, on the 2nd floor of H&M Building, Office No. 202, or through post P.O. Box 190115. For more information contact Tel. +251116630949/ +251118932621

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