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Vacancy(Contract Administrator)

    Contract Administrator
    Dtwins consulting engineers Plc
    Deadline: January 27, 2023
    Job Description
    Contract Administrator Engineers combine technical knowledge of contracts and legal matters with understanding of engineering specifications and principles. They ensure that both parts are aligned in the development of a project and foresee the compliance of all the engineering specifications and matters as defined in contracts.
    Required Number: 1(One)
    Place of work: Addis Ababa/ Head office
    Job Requirements
    Qualification & Experience Requirements
    BSc in Architecture, Civil Engineering /Construction Technology & Management/ with 7 years of experience.
    4 years’ Experience with involvement in 3 (three) Construction Projects as a contract engineer or contract administrator.
    Experience in construction supervision projects.
    How to Apply
    Submit your CV and credentials via email: or in person to the Dtwins Consulting Engineering Plc, located around CMC road, In front of Civil Service University, FOUR Y Building, 6th Floor R.No ( 01. For further information Contact Tel. +251118641139

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