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Vacancy(Construction Technology & Management Engineer)

    Construction Technology & Management Engineer
    Merit Engineering PLC

    Here merit Engineering PLC is looking for senior graduate in COTM Engineer
    Construction engineers oversee large construction projects. They inspect project drawings and designs, manage project schedules and resources, and perform cost calculations. As civil engineers, their areas of specialization may be applied in a variety of construction projects
    Duties & Responsibilities:
    Managing the planning and design stages of construction projects.
    Contributing technical expertise to project drawings and designs.
    Preparing work schedules in collaboration with the project manager.
    Overseeing construction engineering processes.
    Job Requirements:
    BSc Degree in Construction Technology & Management, Civil Engineering or in a related field of study

    3 yeas in a similar role
    Deadline: May 4, 2023
    How to apply:
    Applicants can apply by contacting us using the following number 0940598847/0973595959

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