vacancy (Structural Engineering Intern)

Structural Engineering Intern

Location: Ethiopia

Company: Private

Job Type: Permanent

Description: Structural engineering intern ( please don’t attach your cv if you don’t meet any of the requirements, especially if your grade is below the required)


1.Grade(cumulative) above 3.7 for Male and 3.5 for female applicants.

2. Fresh graduate in civil engineering, preferably 2021/22 graduate.

3. Intense interest in structural engineering field.

4. Good theoretical background in analysis and design courses such as theory of structures and reinforced concrete design.

5. Ability to Manually compute basic structural analysis and design problems.

6. Familiar with current Ethiopian code of practice eurocode or acceptable if familiar with ACI code.

7. Problem solving skill and research capability is required.

If you meet the above criteria, please attach your CV on

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