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    Job Description

    Our Company would like to invite qualified personnel from external for the following position:

    Key Duties and Responsibilities

    Oversee the activities of heavy equipment operators,

    Ensure the implementation of short-term production plans and targets are achieved.

    Coordinate the preparation and ensure adherence to mine plans and schedules.

    Establish methods to meet work schedules and confer with managerial and technical personnel, other departments, and contractors to resolve problems and co-ordinate activities.

    Develop and maintain life of mine plans for Clay, Silica-sand &Pumice with input from all operations and manage the successful implementation of these plans.

    Ensure that all the raw material (Clay, Silica-sand &Pumice) tons requirement for the factory at the correct quality aims are continually met without negatively affecting the mining equipment utilisations.

    Coordinate with the Head, Mines to set production quotas, to plan extraction sites and to develop policies for the removal of raw materials.

    Coordinate with other departments such as production, Mechanical etc for smooth running of crusher and supply of required raw material to the factory.

    Monitor operational performance against budget and recommend operational changes to senior management when necessary, to ensure that production quotas.

    Prepare production and other reports for review by the Head, Mines.

    Supervise, train, and evaluate engineers, technicians, operators, or other mines personnel.

    Respects & Implement approved HSE policies and procedures.

    Adheres to and be guided by the CBA, internal regulations, and other company policies.

    Carry out other related duties assigned to him from immediate & higher supervisor.

    Location: Oromia, Mugher Dangote Cement Ethiopia.

    No. of required: 1

    Job Requirements
    Select Key Requirements (Qualification, Experience, Skills etc.)

    Bachelor Degree or its equivalent in mining engineering or related discipline and 18 years mining experience in operations, engineering and project.

    How to Apply
    Qualified applicants are invited to submit their application letter, curriculum vitae and copy of supporting documents within 7 days via email:

    NB: Please mention the specific position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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