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    Deputy General Manager Engineering and Construction
    Esdros Construction Trade and Industry S.C.

    Civil Engineering
    Addis Ababa



    Job Description
    Esdros Construction Trade and Industry S.C is a company that engages in Education, Industry, Real State and Trade activities mainly focuses in shaping the upcoming generations with intellectually enriched, acquainted with high moral value and that will provide value added products and services to the country in general, and the society in particular.
    The main objectives of the company comprises:-
    To promote and preserve Ethiopian values and ethics for all generations.
    To create a generation that proud of its Ethiopian identity and self-reliant citizens.
    To produce a competitive generation that has a capable of thinking and leading in knowledge and skills in national and international languages.
    To play its part in creating a generation that is morally exemplary and a role model for all generations.
    To engage in real estate construction sector and contribute a valuable conducive atmosphere to the strategic objectives of the company.
    To engage in establishment and expansion of industries and generate revenue and re-invest it for the ultimate and core goal i.e. to create high moral value citizens.
    Job Requirements
    MSC/BSC Degree in civil /CoTM/ engineering or related field of Study.    
    Personal Skills
    Excellent analytical skills with ability to make sound judgment and decisions; 
    Excellent management leadership and staff developments skills, ethical conduct in line with a recognized, professional and company’s codes;
    Lead with ethics, proactive, resourceful, solutions-orientated and results-oriented as well as ability to work collaboratively;
    Excellent computer & engineering design skills;
    Excellent Communication skill.
    10/12 relevant work experience construction  Project/real estate construction project areas, out  of which 3/4 years of the supervisory positions
    How to Apply
    Interested and qualified applicants can apply in person at the address:   Esdros Construction Trade and Industry S.C at Senga tera -united Bank new Building 8th floor at Recruitment and Placement Division Telephone 0111579863
                        Human Resource Management Department

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