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Invitation for Bids(Consultancy Services)

    Consultancy Services for the Project Management and Construction Supervision of Addis Ababa Bus Rapid Transit Project BRT B2 Pilot project
    Request For Expressions of Interest

    General Information
    City/Locality: Addis Ababa
    Publication Date: Mar 7, 2023
    Eligibility of Bidders Interested Applicants must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform those Services.

    The applicants shall furnish the list of completed projects during the last ten (10) years, duly including information on brief description of services rendered and value, duration of assignment with person-month inputs along with information of the Clients.
    Determination of the similarity of the experiences (only performed since 1st March 2013) will be based on:
    (i) Technical Competence: Proven past experience in project management and construction supervision of projects of similar size and nature:
    • Contracts size; not less than €4,000,000 [Euro: Four Million]
    • Nature of Services: Design Review, Project Management and Construction Supervisions
    • Area of expertise: BRT, LRT or Urban Road Infrastructures. Preferably, Applicants who can demonstrate an experience of at least one sucessfuly implemented BRT infrastructure project within the above nature of services;

    (ii) Geographical Experience: Knowledge and in depth experience of project execution in Ethiopia, or other sub-saharan countries, or worldwide.

    The Client will also take into account for the evaluation of the applications the following items:
    • Skills and availability of in-house technical back-up experts provided to the on-site experts;
    • Local partners, i.e Consulting Firms;
    • Certificate of Competence in the intended consulting services; and
    • Experience in implementation of donor-funded infrastructure projects.
    Original Language: English
    Procurement Method: International procurement
    Status: published: Mar 7, 2023
    Contact information
    Address: Mohammedawel Seid
    Roosevelt Street, Sar Bet, beside Pushkin Square
    Ground Floor, Room No. 36
    Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Region
    Telephone +251-11-3728960/3831279

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