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INVITATION FOR BID(Ethiopian Red Cross Society)

    INVITATION TO BID Ethiopian Red Cross Society

    Contract Bid Identification No: ERCS-HBO/SKB 2/01/2014
    The biopian Red Cross Society Haran Branch Once with the financial support
    from the Austria Red Cross Society as part of the project component in the two SKYBIRD
    tolerated Urban W.SH Project (Shenker, kebele 09 and Aboker Kchele 12) in the town
    intends to new scaled bids from eligible, qualified for furnishing the necessary labor
    naterals and equipment for the Construction of Communal Toilet with Shower for the
    ported sites
    la Slienkor Wareda, Kebele 09 Communal Toilet Construction with Shower, which consis
    of eight) rooms with toilets and 2 sbovers both for women/girls and men
    well as one
    on the shower is to be inclusive that considered disabled, and the design has water tanker stand
    linked with one of the column of the structure
    Let? Aboker Woreda, Kebele 12 Communal Toilet Construction with Shower, which consists
    of freight rooms with 6 toilets and 2 showers both for women girls and men, as well as one
    of the shower is to be inclusive that considered disabled, and the design has also water tanker
    stand linked with one of the column of the structure
    Bidders can participate only in one of the two lots.
    Interested eligible bidders can purchase a complete set of bidding documents against
    nonrefundable payment of ETB 200 (Two Hundred Bire) from ERCS, Harari Regional Branch
    Office Harar
    3 Qualification requirement of contractors are WCGC GC-6 and above with Trade license and
    registration certificate from Ministry Bureau of Works and Urban Development or Ministry
    Bureau of Water and Sewerage Authority for the current year (2014) and registration for Value
    Added Tax Certificate (VAT) and Tax Identification Number (TIN NO)
    4. All tenders must be submitted to Ethiopia Red Cross Society along with a BID SECURITY
    BIDDING DATA SHEET amounting to 2% of the bid-ofler, on a separate envelope
    5 Financial offer shall be produced in separate war-scaled envelopes labeled as ORIGINAI, and
    COPY TECHNICAL OFFER shall be made in a separate third wax-sealed envelope clearly
    labeled as TECHNICAL OFFER. The three envelopes shall then be scaled in and signed
    scaled and waxed outer envelope, addressed to Ethiopia Red Cross Society – Harari Branch
    Office, the detail address is indicated below.
    6 Bids must be delivered to the address indicated below before on 15 (Fifteen) consecutive
    calendar days starting from I” day of this announcement, up to 10:00 AM at closing date
    Late Bids will be rejected and the bid will be opened in the physical presence of bidders or
    legal representatives on same closing date and time at ERCS-Haran Regional Branch Offices
    working day and at the same time.
    Haran. If the 15 consecutive calendar day is a holiday, opening and closing will be the next
    7. Bidders are required to fill all the necessary details requested in the bid document
    8. The Branch Office has the right to accept or reject any or all bids without fixing my reason thereof

    Address: Ethiopian Red Cross Society:
    Harari Branch Office, Office Telephone +251-0256660527
    PO Box 57. Harar, Ethiopia

    አዲስ ዘመን ግንቦት 10 ቀን 2014 ዓ.ም ዕትም ላይ የተወሰደ

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