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Construction in Ethiopia has become the most vital component to develop Ethiopia. It plays a critical role on social economy, especially to decrease the  unemployment rate. But the method of management, transaction, correspondence, and marketing of construction area in Ethiopia doesn’t change a bit.

Reliable packages of data, information, news, formats, estimates, current construction material cost and also helps to connect with experts practicing in the construction sector.

One can also find Construction Jobs, Tenders and employee or employers free of charge.

Engineering estimate worked out for both building and road are updated seasonally. All work items are peformted by engineers and experts whom you contact to customize the cost as per your specific requirements.

Our target is to make engineering and Construction area as simple as possible.

 “Construction simplified”

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1. List of Ethiopian Contractors

You may hear there is job opening in one contractor and you may need address; just browse in our category you can find form GC/BC/RC 1 up to GC/BC/RC 6. And you can ask us for any other categories contractor address. Browse in other lists like


List of Ethiopian Construction Consultant

Ethiopian Construction Consultants and Design Engineers

List of Ethiopian Real Estate Developers

Ethiopian Real Estate


2. Current Material Cost

Most of the time finding current cost for preparation of bid or any other it takes more than a month but most of the time.


3. Engineering Estimate

Find cost break down for free in Ethiopian construction industry update

Road Item Engineering Estimates

4. Construction Tender (C-Tender)

Yes there are bid posts everywhere but particularly construction particularly for Ethiopia here is the only chose for real free.


5. Construction Jobs (C-Jobs)

You can subscribe and stay in your work place and check any new jobs via your email.  But only for engineers and people working in the construction sector only.


6. Find Construction Expert

Just fill the form and request Ethiopian construction expert for your further carrier. yes this is for free.


Construction Proxy

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