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GC 2/ BC 2/ RC 2– Grade 2 Contractors

    Grade 2 Contractors registered and working in Ethiopia s per the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing, and construction (BC, RC, and GC)

    If you’re in this Grade but not on the list, please contact us, please note that to complete the Registration you have to attach a renewed license.

    Contractors who didn’t want your address to show up here please contact us, stating you no.

    No.Contractor NameCategoryTel.AddressDate of Registration
    1Abera Mamo Building ContractorBC-20911 517765A/A14/1/2008
    2Afework Gidey BerheGC-20911 633450A/A25/4/2008
    3Aklile Assefa General ContractorGC-20911-226203A/A20/3/2008
    4Alemayehu TeferaBC-20916 581464Hawasa19/4/2008
    5Ashito Engineering PLCBC-20911 522912A/A6/4/2008
    6Ayalneh Tsegaye MengistuBC-20911 091825A/A15/4/2008
    7Bantiwala Tessema Yitna BC-20911 240237A/A8/3/2008
    8Berhane Adane G/EgziabhreBC-20911 200382A/A12/4/2008
    9Bethel ConstructionConstruction PLCBC-20911 460677A/A2/3/2008
    10Birhanu Abebe G/MairiamBC-20913 754647A/A9/5/2008
    11Biyanko Building Construction PLCBC-20911 345841A/A12/1/2008
    12Blu layen Building ContructorBC-2116477655A/A26/04/2008
    13Daniel Berhe G/MedhinBC-20116 261231A/A2/6/2008
    14Desalegn Addis BeleteBC-2 0918 353946Amhara6/5/2008
    15Fidel Con Engineering P.L.C. BC-20914 70 39 11A/A30/3/2008
    16Gashaw Melese Building ContractorBC-20911 207727A/A28/3/2008
    17Haverim ConstructionBC-20911 473640A/A30/2/2008
    18Issayas & Herouy Construction PLCBC-20911 201009A/A29/04/2008
    19JB Construction PLCGC-20911 244513A/A2/5/2008
    20Jerry Maraki Engineering P.L.C.BC-20116 184852A/A15/4/2008
    21Katekse Engineering and Trading P.L.C.BC-2911411427A/A30/05/2008
    22Lilay Woldu Water Works and General ContractorBC-20914 30 04 44Mekele6/5/2008
    23Mat General Cont. (Tamirat Negash)GC-2911219210A/A16/05/2008
    24Mebrhit Teame Building ContractorBC-20911 408705A/A15/11/2007
    25Meride Dechasa GaredewBC-20911 215097A/A19/05/2008
    26Metaferia Kifle Building ContractorBC-20911 684809A/A18/4/2008
    27Mikada Engineering & Trading PLCGC-20911 67 85 92/0911-207757A/A22/12/2007
    28Mohammed Abas ContractorBC-20911 804956A/A5/4/2008
    29Mulu Hadgu DebesieBC-20911 513932A/A17/3/2008
    30Narucon Construction PLCRC-20911 525743A/A18/4/2008
    31Nigussie Worke Building ContractorBC-20911 844074A/A7/4/2008
    32Paulos Zeleke GizawBC-20910 618473A/A3/6/2008
    33Powercon P.L.C.RC-2N/AA/A20/4/2008
    34Qaga General Business PLCGC-20911 213797/0915 579200A/A18/1/2008
    35Rocket ConstructionGC-2911512430A/A19/05/2008
    36Rocket ConstructionGC-20911 512430A/A19/05/2008
    37Samuel Lemma Building ContractorBC-20911 220473Oromia6/4/2008
    38Select Construction PLCBC-20911 241064A/A29/3/2008
    39Seyfe Wondie AdnewBC-20911 512921A/A11/1/2008
    40Seyfe Wondie Building Contractor BC-20911 512921A/A8/4/2008
    41Solomon Tilahun Building ContractorBC-20911 671069/0911 524465A/A24/02/2008
    42T.D.T PLCBC-20911 417888A/A8/3/2008
    43Tariku Tadess H/mariamGC-2911872415A/A29/04/2008
    44Tefera Michael WajeboBC-20911 250978A/A24/5/2008
    45Tekeste Tesfaye WolduBC-20911 202361A/A17/2/2008
    46Tesfaye Legesse ConstructionGC-20911 428480/0911 513237A/A27/3/2008
    47Tewodros Simeneh AlemayehuGC-20911 354613A/A18/4/2008
    48TOWER P.L.C.BC-2911528972A/A27/04/2008
    49Workneh Mekonnen General ContractorBC-20911 71 78 42A.A21/4/2008
    50Yared Seyoum KahsayBC-20911 527036A/A3/3/2008
    51Yetwins Construction PLCBC-20911 208646A/A8/3/2008
    52Yoseph Wondimu Building ContractorBC-20930 097900A/A12/5/2008
    53Zeta Construction PLCGC-20911 232308A/A9/3/2008