Fuel, Asphalt and Bituminous Material Suppliers

If you need a supplier for Fuel, Asphalt, and Bituminous Material Suppliers; you can contact the under-listed suppliers for your need.

If you are a supplier you can also register via email: ConstructionProxy@gmail.com or Telegram: https://t.me/ConstructionResources

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Yetebaberut Beherawi Petroleum S.CO

               Tel: 011 440 09 65

               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


               Tel: 011 372 47 72

               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Shell Ethiopia Ltd

               Tel: 011 440 40 40

               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

National Oil Ethiopia Plc (NOC)

               Tel: 011 663 94 94

               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia