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Ethiopian High rising building | New Headquarters of Commercial  Bank of Ethiopia

    Basic date of the newly proposed, CBE building

    Employer: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

    Consultant: Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAU-AAIT)

    Contractor: China State Construction Engineering Corporation

    The New CBE Headquarters Building located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, placed the largest skyscraper in Ethiopia resting on a total land area of 18,316 m2. From the total area of the land of 11,562.49 m2 covered by buildings, the skyscraper has 6,754.37 m2.

    Some fact list of this building

    Height of the building

    Wight of Empty building 222,500 tone

    Total concrete used: 83,000 M3

    Total Reinforcement steel used: 15,000 tone

    The Main Components of the tower

    Tower: G+48

    Ground floor (the entrance lobby with the construction area of 1,489.18 m2

    The first floor was reserved for the exhibition hall and office, the exhibition mostly demonstrated values related to CBE history.

    6th floor reserved state of the

    From the second floor to 46th floor reserved for CBE HQ among which 11th floor, 24th floor, and 37floor are reserved refuge floor for an emergency. 46th Floor reserved for CBE President’s floor.

    47th floor reserved for VIP Restaurant (Sky-cafe), this floor exclusively reserved to be surrounding Addis Ababa from above. 

    This skyscraper building owned by the Government Bank was inaugurated while the bank celebrating the 80th year of its foundation.

    Source: Pulpit distributed on inauguration

    February 2022