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Project Management Software For Construction


All Time Top Four Project Management Software For Construction

You may come across selecting software for your construction project use. Yes! it's not easy, because once you select that software you will invest you time and you money to learn even to buy the software itself.

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There are a many reviews on the intenerate that you can read and investigate about project management software for construction, the problem is most of them they are paid reviews, obviously biased on conclusion. There is fair description may be con and pros on construction project management software.

1. Micros Soft Project /MS Project/

Before going deep to the MS project, I would like to point out something here,  if you are familiar with windows products like ms-excel and ms-word then you already know 50% of how to use ms project. If you know how to prepare project schedule in any other project management software and construction management terms like float, Cash flow, Network Diagram, Gantt chart, Resource assignment etc, you are 80% to be achieve ms-project software how to know how.

Microsoft owned simple and powerful project management software, now a day's adopting in the construction industry . The first commercial version of Project was released for DOS in 1984 (wikipidia ).      


  • Easy to show CPM /Critical Path Method/
  • Import and export to familiar software like excel and word
  • Every year changing with more easy to use setups.
  • Plan, schedule, and control complex projects
  • Allocate best resources and track progress
  • The price from 589.9 USD single stand computer

Here is the manual 

2. Primavera

One of top ten tech giant American company Oracle; owned project management software, Primavera software give today’s project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most: control. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, the recognized standard for high-performance project management software, is designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. P6 Professional can be used to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. Massive data requires sophisticated yet highly flexible organization tools to provide you a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources.

  • What one thing Oracle will not tell you about primavera is its complexity,  its most complex and it may take more time than do it in any other software
  • Plan, schedule, and control complex projects
  • Allocate best resources and track progress
  • Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan
  • Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternative project plans
  • But very expansive 2,115USD
  • complicated to import and export tasks and projects

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3. ZOHO Projects

If you have hard time finding good internet connection in your project or work are forget about ZOHO. There is why? it's a web based application, which means there is not software to install only available but it have big advantage you don't need to carry around always it's in the cloud. They have another good news if you are working only on one project it's free unlike primavera you don't have to pay thousands but if you have more than one project you have to pay starting from 25USD per month.

  • Easy to use no need of training
  • Project stored in server it is easy to accesses anywhere any time.
  • Relatively cheaper price compares to its' service

 4. WorkFront

The same web based but better formerly @task, this wed-based project management option focuses on an easy-to-use interface. Just looking at Workfront's Gantt charts shows some impressive utilities. You can drag and drop information to avoid unnecessary typing, easily schedule individuals for specific tasks, and view real-time reports showing your project’s status. Workfront offers a variety of pricing plans depending on the number of users and the number of projects you need to manage.

  • They have four type of package to subscribe; starting from 480USD/year.
  • The best thing about workfront available every were including Android and iOS mobile platforms (Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based
  • Very good for medium and large teamwork



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