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Six leading Highway Design Softwares

Six leading Highway Design Softwares

Here is how to chose among highway design softwares; first we would like to list some of well known road design softwares; Please note that you have to consider your project before you selected design software (Click for manual here)

  1. Civil Designer (Autodesk)
  2. Terra Model
  3. Eagle point
  4. Bentley InRoads
  5. Tessera

 tessera window

Here is the detail overview; we would like point out this is our view based on our experience; for your detail selection to use particular project you probability consider your project and contract requirement.


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Civil Designer (Autodesk)

One of the best future of Civil designer; besides it is product of Autodesk and easy to edit, after completing the design it will let you drive on the road in different speed so that you will automatically understand how to feel you designed road with your design speed with great animation graphics. Autodesk, empowering the civil engineering filed AutoCAD, Revite, Civil Designer etc having a skill design with civil designer will be payoff in the future.

To cover all about Civil Designer it needs separate overview we will post in the near future.    

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Eagle point

Eagle point software is more than road design software, it is used in landscape design, Irrigation design, water surface profiling, watershed modeling and it is known user friendly interface. In early ages (2004) it was the leading in Road design specially considering an intersection design. Eagle point let you design the road using command called RoadCalc.

RoadCalc is a computer software package with roadway design, earthwork computation and drafting capabilities. It is an interactive tool providing speed, accuracy and economy of roadway design.

The methods employed by RoadCalc for roadway design are derived from conventional design. However, full advantage is taken of the speed, accuracy and iterative capacity of the computer. RoadCalc includes; Alignment, Crosse-sections, Profile, Typical Section, Process and output.

Eagle point still used by many organization and engineers for its easy to setup and easy to learn. The how to use manual come with the software will teach not only how to use the software but also very helpful document to understand highway design. Eagle point software still recommended for long and complex highway design. It easily allow you to edit each PI and update automatically for both contractor and designer side.  

Bentley InRoads

InRoads is one of well known road design software like most of road design software. Inroads mostly appreciated the software flexibility, the user able to create add-ons to customize outputs (plans, profiles and cross-sections) and  able to work on MicroStation and AutoCAD windows. Inroads includes;


The Surface commands let you work with and manipulate various types of surface data. You can display different aspects of a surface, edit surfaces, and model surfaces.


The Geometry commands let you view and manipulate geometry files. Geometry files contain geometric information defining points, cant, and alignments


InRoads let you create horizontal alignments and vertical elevation alignments to define a bridge. Using commands like Create Create Slab Fascia, Create Abutments/Piers, Create Girders, Create Substructures, Create Slab Areas etc


Displays drainage structures using the symbology you specify, adjusts the drawing view to center around the structure you select, displays attributes for annotating structures in plan (2-D) view and for annotating structures in profile view, offers highlight options; places arrows along pipes, channels, and culverts to graphically designate the direction of flow. Also include commands layout, structures, network, flows, utilities etc


The Survey commands allow you to display and manipulate data in the active Fieldbook. Survey commands include; View Survey Data, Refresh View, Regenerate Graphics, Control Codes etc


The Evaluation commands are used to evaluate different aspects of your design. In this section InRoads includes; Profile, cross-section, volume, Sight Visibility ( analyzes sight distances along a roadway designed using InRoads), Hydrology and Hydraulics,


The InRoads Modeler commands are used to create and model design surfaces that represent new roadways or other types of surfaces.  Use these commands to interactively create cross section templates, corridors, horizontal/vertical controls, secondary alignments, and Right of Way references. This InRoads command include; Create Template, runway designer, Express Modeler and drive way.


The Drafting commands are used to enhance the production of final drawings. Use these commands across the design session to place intelligent annotation notes on features and geometry in plan, profile, and cross section views as well as at the intersection of two alignments.


The Quantity commands are used to store and manage pay item information, quantity measurement formulas, and convert geometric measurements of an InRoads surface feature to a quantity.

The quantity take off solution consists of formulas to compute various types of quantities, computation parameters that are associated with feature styles, and an automated process to compute InRoads quantities. The automated process locates data that matches a specified set of pay items, computes the quantity for that data, and outputs the quantity information to a Quantity Manager database that is a Microsoft Access database.

Quantity Manager is a Bentley civil standalone application for managing quantities. It stores and reads data from databases of a specific format, for example Department of Transportation (DOT) databases. The InRoads quantities solution can interface directly with these databases.

Trns*port is AASHTO’s transportation software management solution designed and maintained by Info Tech, Inc. It is comprised of modular components that can be used individually or in combination. Trns*port software addresses functional areas of pre-construction, construction, and decision support. Bentley’s Quantity Manager interfaces with the pre-construction functional area to automate the transfer of pay item and quantity data. Quantity Manager is capable of referencing the master pay item database and funding sources as well as exporting quantity data in XML format to the Trans*port software. This information exchange subsequently offers greater efficiency and cost savings to civil design engineers and cost estimators.

InRoads  road design software very use full for designers 

Tessera (Anadelta Software)

Tessera is highly 3D based the professional, standards-based road design solution and reliably deliver road and highway projects of any size for more than ten years. It offers a wide range of sophisticated features for precise planning, analysis, and production of drawings as well as tables. Its advantages include its intuitive interface, the multitude of its specialized functions, as well as its extensive parameterization and customization capacity.

Horizontal alignment and intersection

• Easy insertion of the road’s geometry and detailed parameterization.

• A large number of transition curves (clothoid, egg-shaped, cubic parabola, etc.)

• Bidirectionally connected Horizontal and Vertical alignment

• Service road cross section synchronization based on main road axis.

• Calculation of structures.

• Automated management of divergences, convergences, loops, direct branches, auxiliary lanes, medians, channelizing islands.

• Tools for the synchronization of profiles and superelevations on intersections and at grade intersections.

• Visual drainage inspection.

• Visibility analysis.


• Import from text or DXF fi les.

• Exhaustive terrain consistency and validity analysis and repair.

• Automatic generation of calculation boundaries.

• Very fast constrained Delaunay triangulation and contour calculation algorithms.

• Local modifi cations with on-the-fl y geometry validation and updates.

• Relief shading; elevation and slope based coloring.

• Coexistence and interaction of multiple terrain models and calculation of their volumetric differences.

Tessera highway design software recommended for shorter roads with right of way problem easy to edit each station with 3D view. 


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