Engineering Estimate for Road Items: May 2016

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NB:1.  this cost is only for your reference. And Profit Loss and over Head are not part of this Estimate this is only Direct Rate. 

Bill No. 2 – Clearing and Grubbing
This Division covers the clearing of the Site and grubbing necessary for the construction of the Works covered by the Contract, in accordance with these Specifications, and the removal and disposal of materials resulting from clearing and grubbing. This work shall also include the preservation from injury or defacement of all vegetation and objects designated to remain. [ERA 2002]

Item No.Item DescriptionUnit Rate
201.01Clearing and grubbingha   21,887.82
21.05Removal and grabbing of large trees and tree stumpsNo     1,000.00

Bill No. 3 – Drainage
“Scope This Division covers all work in connection with the excavation and construction of open
drains, subsoil (Sub surface) drainage and banks and dykes at the locations and to the sizes,
shapes, grades and dimensions as shown on the drawings or as directed by the engineer, and
the test flushing of subsoil drains.
It also covers the cleaning of open drains and the repairing of subsoil (Sub surface) drainage.
In special circumstances this work may be executed outside the road reserve.
It also covers the clearing of existing culverts, including amongst others the removal of all
undesirable materials that have accumulated in and around Inlet and outlet structures and in
the barrels of the culverts. [ERA 2002]”

Item No.Item DescriptionUnitRate
32.01a(iv)Soft material irrespective of depthm323.11
32.01(b)excavation of hard material irrespective of depthm3155.64
32.02(a)Using excavated materialm387.15
32.02(b)Using imported selected granular materialm3170.55
32.03Concrete pipe culverts  
32.03(ii)(1)Concrete pipe on Class B bedding, nominal diameter 760mmLm2,194.74
32.03(ii)(2)Concrete pipe on Class B bedding, nominal diameter 910mmLm2,450.47
32.03(ii)(3)Concrete pipe on Class B bedding, nominal diameter 1060mmLm2,922.94
32.03(ii)(4)Concrete pipe on Class B bedding, nominal diameter 1220mmLm3,845.81
 Cocrete curbLm276.74
 Masonry gutter with a cross section of (0.8*0.85)Lm1,640.77
32.07Cast Insitu concrete and formwork  
32.07(b)Class C concrete including formworksm32,352.68
32.07(g)Class A concrete including formworksm32,800.37
32.10Steel reinforcement  
32.10(b)High tensile steel reinforcement in Culverts (Grade 60)ton24,369.77
34(01)Stone Pitching  
34.01(b)(II)Grouted Rubble Pavedwaterwaym3289.81
(a)Packed Riprapm3237.82
34.03Stone Masonary Walls  
34.03(a)Dry stone masonary wallsm3650.00 
34.03(b)Cement mortared stone walls, Class ‘B’m3986.85

Bill No. 4 – Earthworks
This Division covers all work in connection with the preparation of the road bed, prior to the construction of the embankments or capping layers, and the preparation of the sub-grade prior to the construction of the pavement layers. [ERA 2002]”

Item No.Item DescriptionUnitRate
41.01Removal of unsuitable material  
(b)In layer thickness exceeding 200mm (6km hauling distance)m364.24
41.03(b)Road Bed Preparation Compaction to 93% of modified AASHTOdensitym221.77
42.01Cut and Borrow to Fill :  
42.01a(ii)Cut and borrow to fill, compaction to 95% AASHTO T-180m378.24
42.01(c)Rock (hard) to fillm3233.06
42.03Cut to Spoil  material obtained from:  
42.03(a)Common (normal) Excavation (1km Spoil dits.)m339.96
42.03(b)Intermediate Excavation (1km Spoil dits.)m384.00
42.03(c)Rock (hard) Excavationm3170.56
44.05Improved subgrade  
44.05(a)Improved Subgrade G20 (Mat. From 6Km )m3130.13
44.05(b)Improved Subgrade G7 (Mat. From 1Km )m3115.13
45.01Furrow ditchlm27.74

Bill No. 5 – Subbase, Roadbase and Gravel Wearing Course
“5101 SCOPE
This Division covers the specification of materials for, and the construction of, sub-base pavement layers including the in-situ recycling of existing pavements. [ERA 2002]”

Item No.Item DescriptionUnitRate
51.01(a)iGravel subbase layer, 97% MDD, AASHTO T-180 (Material from 6km)m3             170.86
52.01(b)ICrushed Aggregate Base course compacted to 98% of modified AASHTO density (Material from 10km)m3            469.19

Bill No. 6 – Bituminous Surfacing
“6101 SCOPE
This Division covers the application of a bituminous prime coat to a prepared pavement layer. [ERA 2002]”

ItemDescriptionUnitUnit Rate (ETB)
6100Bituminous prime coat  
61.01Prime coat  
(a)MC-30 cutback bitumenm241.56
6400Bituminous Road Bases and Surfacing  
 surface treamentm2107.58
64.0250mm Asphaltic surfacing with (penetration grade 60/70  bitumen  
(a)Continous grading (medium)m2289.09
6700surfacing of Bridge deck  

“7101 SCOPE
This Division covers the construction of a surface course of Portland cement concrete, with or without reinforcement, and includes, inter alia, the specifications for materials, the placing and compacting of concrete, applying the surface texture, and constructing the joints. [ERA 2002]”

Bill No. 8 – Structures
“8101 SCOPE
This Division provides specifications for the construction of foundations for structures including bridges, retaining walls, box and slab culverts etc. It provides in particular specifications for excavation, and back filling and for the construction of the foundation it self as well as the pile capping slabs or the caisson cover slabs. [ERA 200]”

ItemDescriptionUnitUnit Rate (ETB)
81.02Excavation for Structures  
(a)Excavation of soft material situated in the following successive ranges:  
 Irrespective of Depthm3135.67
(b)Excavation of hard (rock) material irrespective of depthm3303.34
81.05Backfilling to Excavation  
(a)Using excavated materialm3124.59
(b)iimported granular materialm3175.73
(b)iihand laid rock fill material between wing wallsm3237.82
(b)iiihand laid Riprap on exposed face of backfillm3237.82
82.02Formwork for indicated class of finish  
(a)conecrete footing of abutments and wing walls  
iconecrete footing of abutments and wing wallsm2 
iisoffit of concrete deck slabm2 
(b)Cast Insitu concrete and formwork  
iside walks in main slab,Visible part of girder,on abutmentm2589.72
83.01Steel reinforcement for structure  
(a)(i) Mild steel bars (Grade 300)ton29,629.46
(b)(ii) High yield stress steel bars (Grade 420)  ton26,479.46
84.01Cast in situ concrete  
(a)(a) Class C-30 in all superstructure parts, abutument & wing wall foundations and walklwaysm34,408.31
(b)(b) Class C-20 in abutument &wingwalls footing padsm33,103.73
(c)Elastomer BearingNo.10,323.15
87.07Concrete parapetslm1,778.96
87.19Drainage pipes and weep holes  
(a)Drainage pipes (20 cm internal dia pvc)m/No500.00
89.01Stone Masonry Walls  
(a)Cement-mortared stone masonry walls (Class B)m31,109.66

Bill No. 9 – Ancillary Works
“9101 SCOPE
This Division covers the construction of gabion walls and aprons for the construction of
retaining walls, lining of channels, revetments, and other anti-erosion structures in accordance with the details shown in the Contract.”

ItemDescriptionUnitUnit Rate (ETB)
91.01(a)(a) Gabion boxes 1m by 1m cube with galvanized wire meshm3942.94
92.01Delineators, markers and kilometer posts  
(a)Delineator posts/guidepost, reinforced concreteno.258.99
(c)Kilometer posts, cement concreteno.258.99
94.01Sign faces with painted background, symbols, lettering and borders in Engineering grade retro-reflective material with signboard constructed from:  
94.01(a)iSign face with area not exceeding 2.0 sq.m fixed on postno.693.35
94.01(a)iiSign face with area exceeding 2.0 sq.m but not exceeds 10 sq.m fixed on postno.8320.20
94.02Sign supports:  
94.02(a)Sign Support/Sign post, Class ‘A’ concreteno.636.61
94.03Road Sign Footing    
94.03 (a)Excavation for footing of Sign Supportm323.11
94.03 (b)Backfilling for footing of Sign Supportm3170.55
94.03 (c)Class ‘A’ concrete for footing of road sign supportm32,477.73
9500Road Traffic Markings and Road Studs  
95.01(a) iWhite unbroken 10cm lineKm.5,459.44
95.01(a) iiwhite broken (2.5m dash, 7.5m gap) 10cm lineKm.3,546.81
95.01(b)Yellow unbroken 10cm lineKm.5,459.44
99.01(a)Concrete tiles of 50mm thick including the necessary jointing works m2123.89