Engineering Estimate for Building Items: July 2015

This Building Direct Engineering Estimate includes manpower, material, equipment, wastage, etc but does not include profit and overhead for the contractor.

Item Description Unit D.Rate 
1Site clearing and removing of  top 200mm thick  soilm216.9925
2Bulk excavation in expansive soil to a depth not exceeding 1500 mm.m346.3158
3Ditto over 1.5m but not exceeding 3.0m m390.4
4Trench excavation not exceeding 1.5mm346.3158
5Compaction fill shall be every 20cm thick until it atains a minimum of 95% CBR with Selected borrowed fill .m3378.982
6Disposal of excavated material and wast. 6Kmm369.2597
 Sub Base   
725cm thick hard core m3156.305
 Total to Summary Birr  
 In Situ Concrete   
1Plain blinding concrete C-5 m31422.6
 Reinforced sub structure concrete   
 Use ordinary Portland cement   
2C-25 in isolated footing m32270.63
3C-25 in foundation column m32270.63
4C-25 in beam m32270.63
5C-20 in slab (Ground floor) m32069.28
 Reinforced super structure concrete   
 Use ordinary Portland cement   
6C-25 in elecvation column m32270.63
7C-25 in beams m32270.63
8C-25 in suspended slab m32270.63
9C-25 in stair case & landing m32270.63
 Form work   
 Sub structure normal finish to:-  
10Isolated footing m2203.658
11Foundation column m2203.658
12Beam m2203.658
 Super structure normal finish to:-   
13Elevation column m2203.658
14Beams m2203.658
15Susspended slab m2203.658
16Staire case & landing m2203.658
 Reinforcement steel bar sub structure   
17Diameter, 8mmKg26.5
18Diameter, 14mmKg27
19Diameter, 16mmKg27
20Diameter, 20mmKg27
21Diameter, 24mmKg27
 Super Structure   
22Diameter, 8mmKg26.5
23Diameter, 10mmKg27
24Diameter, 12mmKg27
25Diameter, 14mmKg27
26Diameter, 16mmKg27
27Diameter, 20mmKg27
28Diameter, 24mmKg27
29In 8mm thick chip wood depth 10cm m28.4972
 Total to Summary Birr   
 Stone Wall   
 In cement mortar   
1Concealed from view m31008.62
2Exposed face for further finish (Roughly dressed stone wall) m31125.95
 Concrete block works   
 Class “B” in cement mortar above grade walls   
320cm thick both faces for plaster m2173.823
415cm thick both faces for plaster m2150.052
 Total to Summary Birr   
  05. ROOFING   
 Galvanized steel sheet & accessories   
1CIS G-28m2230.035
20.4mm thick, girth 65cm m204.924
3G-28 Flat steel sheet copping m204.924
 Total To Summary Birr   
 Eucalyptus Truss   
1Diameter, 10cm m38.8918
2Diameter, 8cm m36.6138
 Zigba Purlin   
3Size 5 x 7cm m52.6302
 Soffit nailed to supports Chipwood ceiling   
4Acoustic ceiling m2380
50.4mm thick Ribbed steel sheet (Check your detail drawing)m2296.051
 Fascia board   
62.5 x 20cm Sawn Eucalyptus m85.6531
 Band iron   
76mm diameter, L = 1mpcs 10
 Flush wooden doors hard pine frame & Mahog ply wood 4mm thick play wood 1.5mm thick black steel frame & rubber silencer Door locks shall be of mortice type standard double cylinder type comply with ASTM or EN quality standard Price includes all accessories locks, hinges etc… all complete work according to detail drawings   
8Type D1 size 100 x 100cmNo4321.12
 Total to Summary Birr   
 Almunium framed windows & window doors.   
 _ Thickness of aluminium profiles should be 2mm thick and plate should be 3mm thick   
 Price includes 5mm thick clear glass   
1Type W size 100 x 100cm No2875
 Almunium Stair case hand rail & baluster   
 Complete all according to drawing m23450
 Total To Summary Birr   
 Two coats of plater   
 In cement mortar to internal surface of:-   
1Hollow concrete block workm2115.367
2Concrete vertical surface m2115.367
3Concrete soffit m2138.44
 In cement mortar to external surface of   
4Hollow concrete block wall m2173.05
5Concrete vertical surface m2173.05
 Final coat cement plaster to:-  
6Internal plastered vertical surface m236.6694
7External plastered vertical surface m236.6694
8Plastered soffit m236.6694
 Cement pointing   
9To dressed stone wall surface m276.5666
 Total To Summary Birr   
 Cement Screed floor finish & skirting   
135mm thick cement screed smooth finish under PVC tile m287.7214
 PVC floor tile and skirting   
2Size 10 cm h skirting m29.0487
 Shall be in compliance with quality standard   
32mm thick m2234.12
4Size 10 x 2cm skirting m29.0487
 Marble tile flooring and landing & skirting   
52cm thick m21125
6Size 10 cm h skirting m140
 Non slippery Ceramic floor tile   
710mm thick m2312.617
8Size 10cm h ceramic skirting m156.308
 Ceramic wall tile   
96mm thick m2305
 Cill and theshold   
 Shpaed and throated Marblw window cill and door threshold   
10Size 3x29cmm310
113cm thick marble white m21350
122cm thick marble white m21125
138cm thick cast in stie concrete in C-15 beded on 10cm thick red ash and 300mm selected material fill.   
 All complete work according to detail drawing m2199
14C-25 precast concrete curb m315.348
 Total To Summary Birr   
 12. PAINTING   
 Plastic Emulsion Paint to:-   
1Internal plastered vertical surface m222.16
2External plastered vertical surface m222.16
3Plastered Soffit surface m222.16
4In acuastic ceiling m233.24
5Quartz paint to external wall m268.5
 Total To Summary Birr   
1Supply and fix Hand Wash Basin, made of white ; Size; 360mm x 395mm x 550mm. The waste fittings, connecting pieces, fixing and supporting element and other accessories No1800
2Supply and fix approved quality soap holder. (150x150mm) No258
3Supply and fix approved quality framed crystal glass mirror, back-silvered, minimum 4mm thick size 2000mm x 400mm. Complete with theft resistant concealed wall fastening fittings and other accessories. (for hand wash basins) No1160
6Supply and fix water closet, of wash down action, floor mounted, bottom outlet (floor drainage),. The waste fittings, connecting pieces, fixing and supporting element and other accessories which complete the set shall comply with the relevant clauses of BS standards   
 Size 700mm x 470mm x 760mmNo5500
7Supply and fix stainless steel Sink, double bowel, complete with trap, drain connection, drainage and over flow, heavy duty mixing faucet, plug and all other necessary faucet, plug, chain etc. and all other necessary accessories   
 Size 1200 x 600 x 120mm No1650
8Supply and fix approved quaity electric water heater. Complete with all necessaries. Capacity 50 liter No3500
9Supply and fix 6kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher for ABCE class of fire. Complete with approved standard hanging and fixing materials. No1000
10Supply and fix Ø100mm enamelled cast iron floor drain ; and all the necessary accessories No75
11Supply, lay and connect outer diameter 20mm PLYPROPYLENE RANDOM CO-POLYMER (PP-R TYPE3) pressure pipes, (PN16), for cold water supply system. 37.5
12Ditto Item above, but 25mm ml56.25
13Ditto Item above, but 32mm ml63
15Ditto Item above, but 20mm and with UV stablizing cover for the exposed pipes on the roof and for pipes from ground to roof water tank   
16Supply, lay and connect outer diameter 50mm Galvanized steel pipe for over flow and drain pipe to be connected and washed down to the ground level ml133.333
17Supply and fix chrome plated service (angle) valves, of approved standard, before sink, shower and other fixtures complete with unions, elastic water proofing, hand wheels of normal quality and with all other necessary accessories.   
 Diamter 1/2″ (20mm OD) No80
18Supply and fix bronze gate valves (PN 16)diameter 1″ (25mm), of approved standards, on internal branch water pipes, pipe inlet to buildings at where shown on the drawing complete with all the necessary accessories. No180
19Ditto Item No. 18 but diameter 1 1/4″ (32mm) No450
 Upvc FOUL PIPE   
20Supply and lay 50mm (2″) diamter uPVC pipes minimum wall thickness 2.0mm for foul water collection and vent system.   
 The pipe shall be supported with galvainzed clips screwed to slab, beam columns…  Unit price shall include all the necessary assistance to the installation works there to ml75
21Ditto Item No. 20, but 80mm diameter, minimum wall thickness 3.0mm ml127.5
22Ditto item No. 20 but 110mm diamter, minimum wall thickness 3.2mm ml178.5
23Supply and fix approved quality uPVC screw type under slab clean out as shown on the detail draing. Price shall include sealing gasket on the waste water drainage line with all the necessary connecting pieces   
 Diamter 50mmNo450
 Diameter 80mmNo765
 Diamter 110mm No1071
24Supply and install vent caps made of rigid uPVC to be connected to the roof terminal of vent pipe diameter 110mm, with min. wall thickness of No1071
25Ditto Item No. 19, but 80mm diamter, minimum wall thickness 3.0mm No765
26Supply and fix diamter 110mm uPVC Downpipes, min. wall thickness 3.2mm, with mass concrete support at ground level & complete with UV relfective oil painting, basket strainer at inlet, galvanized clips at every 1.0meters interval and all accessories.ml178.5
28Supply, mount and properly place fiber glass water tank on roof top where shown on roof plan, complete with all the necessary accessories and connections such as inlet pipes, outlet pipes, drain pipes, over flow pipes all with gate valves, vent pipes with mesh cover, 80mm uPVC vent caps, manhole, etc, the manhole shall have a strong, lockable and easily openable cover just above the inlet pipe. the tank shall have:-   
 _ Smooth whtie reflective finish both  internal and external surfaces   
 Diamter 50mm over flow pipe   
 Size 5m3No10000
 Items incorporated in installation of water tanksNo500
 Diamter 50mm bronze gate valve for inlet No810
 Diameter 40mm bronze gate valve for outlet No838.767
 Diameter 50mm approved quality pvc float valve No150
 Diamter 50mm bronze gate valve for wash out No810
 Diamter 80mm uPVC vent pipe 300mm length with vent cap No500
 Total to Summary Birr   
1Surface Mounted Metalic Distribution Board MDB with earthi bas barsNo433.333
 1pc MCCB of 100 A/3phNo1054.17
 1pc ACB of 80 A/3phNo958.333
 1pc ACB of 40 A/3phNo500
 1pc ACB of 32 A/3phNo191.667
 1pc ACB of 20 A/3phNo350
 1pc ACB of 16 A/3phNo350
 1pc ACB of 16 A/1phNo66.6667
 1pc ACB of 10 A/1phNo66.6667
 Ligh Points   
 Switches with detachable frames 10A for flush mounting   
2Single Pole No140
3Two gang Dobule poleNo180
4Dobule Pole No160
5Two way No160
6Triple pole No200
7Intermediate No210
 Socket Out lets   
 16A for flush mounting   
8Socket 2p+e outlet in thermoplastic conduit of diameter 16mm fed by PVC conductor of 3×2.5sqmmNo160
9Ditto but twin outlet No160
10Ditto but for water heater No160
11Ditto but for twin outlet in side floor box No160
12Ditto but for enjera stove in thermoplastic conduit of dia. 21mm fed through PVC sheated cable of 3x6sq.mmNo450
13Ditto but for stove 20A, 1ph fed by pvc sheated cable of in thermoplastic conduit dia. 21mmNo550
14Power to coffed m/c fed by PVC sheated cable of in thermoplastic conduit of dia. 21mmNo333.5
153p+E+N Power out let fed by PVC sheated cable of in pvc conduit of dia. 29mm No433.55
 Extra Over Socket out lets with corresponding box 16A for lush mounting with detachable frames and Shutter All contract points (phase, neutral and earthing) must be copper  
1616A, 1phNo150
1716A, 1ph twin outlet No200
1816A, 1ph water heater No150
1920A, 1ph with on/off switch No580
2025A, 1ph with on/off switch No760
2125A, 3ph with on/off switch No980
 Type of Ligh Fittings  
22Supply and install the light fittings with under mentioned specification   
 Mounting-ceiling surface   
 Lamp type- fluorescent   
 Number of Lamps – 2  
 Lamp wattage – 36watts  
 Luminare material-Steel   
 Ingress protection-20  
 Size-length 1530mm, width 293mm and 106mm height   
 Control gear-electronic  
 Optic Type-double parabolic Louver No2000
23TV point for recessed installation fed through coaxial cable in PP dia. 29mm conduit with the necessary accessories No1500
24TV Terminal box No 
25Dia. 29mm for TV antenna entry ml155
26TV Socket outlet No200
 Data/Tele system Horizontal cabling   
27Twin RJ 45 8 contact Tele/data socket outlet point and the necessary accessories to make the system complete. No1200
 Extra Over data/tele outlet   
28Twin RJ 45 data/tele outlet No480
29Single RJ 45 datta/telet outlet No480